5 Things to Look out for when Buying New Tyres

When the Englishman John Boyd Dunlop invented the pneumatic tyre in the 1800s, little did he know that he’d be revolutionizing a whole industry. That invention gave birth to the brand we all recognize as Dunlop tyres Dubai. The Dunlop brand is one of the most popular brands of tyres in the world today, and all this is due to the brilliance of one man.

Tires are a necessary part of every car; they are the only connection a car has to the road. Therefore getting good tyres for your car is of utmost importance if you’re the get the most your car has to offer.

However, entering into a tyre shop in Dubai, Sharjah or any other part of the world for that matter can be a daunting experience for many. That is if you intend to buy a tire. The choices of tyres are limitless, the features of the tires are a myriad and if you don’t know exactly what you want, you may be stuck like a deer in head lights. Now, we don’t want that, or do we? In order to avoid such experiences we’ll  be sharing with you tips to help you went you’re out purchasing new tyres.

Now these tips will help irrespective of the brand of tyres that you want to purchase. Whether they are Dunlop tyres Dubai, Goodyear tyres or otherwise.

Make Sure You Need New Tyres

This is rather obvious, if you don’t need new tires, then there should be no need to purchase them. A cursory inspection of your tyres can tell you whether you need new ones or not. When your tyres have been thread  worn or with broken sidewalls or just unevenly worn then you know it’s time to change them. Also even if your tyres still appear to be in good condition, it is adviveable you change then every 6 to10 years. Due to the effect of the sun on rubber they’re not going to be as reliable as you’d espect them to be.

Consider Your Terrain and Your Car Use

The climate of where you live, your driving habits, how rough the road is (presence of potholes and the likes), how curvy the road, all these have effects of how long your tires will last. Therefore you should consider it when buying tyres. If you have to drive through curvy roads or rough roads, your tires will wear out faster. Therefore you need to put that into consideration when buying tyres.  The climatic condition in Dubai is harsh, and one of the very few tyres which have been recommended is Dunlop tyres Dubai and for good reason too.

Check Your Owners Manual and Info Placard

The manufacturers know the type of tyres that would work well with their product. All these information have been included in the owner’s handbook. Due to the fact that these handbooks might sometimes get missing, the most important of these information are usually by the side of the door, or sometimes put on a placard some where on the dashboard. The placard contains information such as tyre pressure, tyre size, and sometime rotation sequence. Follow this information when purchasing tyres for your vehicle.

Consider Changing all Tyres at Once

Including the spare. True it is much more expensive than changing one, but then again this is the best for your car’s optimal performance. This is also better for your car suspension, and finally as you rotate the tires they’ll wear out together, with no weak link, still working together as a team to give you the best results they can give.

Check Your Wheel Alignment and Suspension.

While you go changing your tyres make sure your suspension is in great shape and your wheel is properly aligned. This will help ensure that your new tyres last longer, otherwise you’d have to change

them faster then you should. Ideally you should check your wheel alignment every time you go for an oil change. In fact as you’re fixing your tyres ensure that your suspension, wheel alignment, CVs are checked. You can have all these done for you at a single price in tyre shop in dubai. In the long run it will be cheaper.

Break in New Tyres Carefully

Finally you’ve bought your new tires and it’s only natural for you to want to get a feel of what they can do. However, this is a temptation you should resist at least for the next 500 miles or so. When tires are manufactured there’s sometimes a thin residue left on the tread. Therefore the grip may not be as good, you’d expect from a new tyre until the residue wears off. This is usually after about 500 miles of usage.


Buying new tyres can truly be a hassle, but to even make it easier, visiting our tyre shop in dubai will save you al these stress. Our in house tyre experts will be able to pick for you the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle.