A two-wheeled emotion- Scooter

Like men, many women are passionate about their scooters. Generally, for those women who work find their scooter to be very useful to be on time to their workplace without depending on others for transportation. They have different purposes to serve including long-distance travel, commuting, cruising, sport, and off-road traveling. There is a wide range of scooters in India. The scooters in India are a type of motorcycle which is popular for transportation as it is being more affordable, easy and simple to handle. Generally, the scooters in India are preferred by women and the motorbikes are preferred by men.

Parts of scooters:

The scooter is similar to that of a motorbike.Parts that are found common in both scooters and motorbikes and the basic parts of scooters are listed as:

  • Suspension
  • Lights
  • Rims
  • Seat
  • Handle

The above-mentioned parts are found common in all the bike types for a safe and comfortable ride. The seat is for comfortable seating, the handlebar is to maintain the direction of moving, light serves the general purpose. Rims are to which the tires are connected to. There are two wheels: the front and the rear wheel. Frames provide the rigidity to support the weight of the person who is traveling. The gear bars are not found in the scooter types in India.

Scooty price in India:

The scooty price in India is comparatively less than motorbikes. Generally, the scooty price varies from Rs 50,000/- to Rs 75,000/- in India. There a certain range of scooters that are available below Rs 50,000/- which is usually considered to perform less in tough roads. But customer satisfaction is all that a brand requires and many of the brands below Rs 50,000/- are also to said to have good mileage and performance compared to the other brands.

The scooty price in a specific country is usually not fixed by the manufacturers. Thus the scooter price in India is fixed by the dealers who buy the product directly from the manufacturer. The dealers fix the price of the scooter by considering the following,

  • Transportation charges
  • Showroom charges
  • Spare parts charges
  • Labor charges

 The manufacturers need not be in the same place where the dealers are in. Sometimes, manufacturers can be in a different country. Thus the dealers consider transportation charges when it comes to fixing the price of the scooter. A showroom is a place where the product is kept for view. This place requires a lot of maintenance activity. Thus they consider the showroom charges as a part. Some scooter requires additional spare parts like the mudguard, side guard, etc to be fixed by the dealers according to the buyer’s demand. So these charges are also taken into consideration.

Final thoughts:

The labor charges are a small part that is considered along with the price of the scooter.Thus, the price of a scooter in India is affordable to all people. Owning a scooter in India is usually common across the country.