Are You Planning to Ship Your Car to Overseas Country? How to Transport Safely?


Many people move to different countries for new job and California is one of the places where each year you can find many people relocating them. The reasons are obvious, as California is commercially booming, many new businesses are opening and many job opportunities too are coming up.

Therefore, a number of transport companies are also available in California. Among various California car shippers available, ship a Car, Inc. is a well-known name and offers superior shipping service for people, who want to relocate their vehicles to overseas countries.

Following are few tips for selecting your right shipping company to safely transport car to overseas countries.

  • Choose for car shipping company deals with international transportation

While looking for shipping your car to overseas country, you must look for a company who is dealing with international transportation and not inland transportation.

  • Do little research before considering shipping cars overseas 

Before, you zero-in for any car shipping company, it is necessary to do little research and read reviews of various companies to learn about their services. 

  • Get quotes from different international car shipping companies

Don’t finalize car shipping company just by discussing with a single company. You must discuss at least with 3 companies and get their written offers, so that you can compare their offer. 

Benefits of using car movers to ship your car

  • Check for shipping insurance

You must verify all the information provided by a company related to their insurance and ensure that they all are correct. 

  • Find out about dropping off and also picking up facilities

Every car shipping companies may have their different options so far as picking your car from source destination and dropping at end destination is concerned. Choose your convenient option.  

  • International shipping rates

You must go little detail about their shipping rates and compare from at least 3 parties. The shipping rates may vary because of the type of car that you want to ship.  

  • Time variations

Every company will have different time schedule about time needed for shipping your car. For shorter distance, you can expect little less rime as compared to long distance shipping. 

  • Preparing your car to ship overseas

You need to ask the shipping company about their requirements for the car shipping, which may vary from company to company.

  • Storing items inside the vehicle

It is advisable not to store any of your personal items inside the car while shipping, as no shipping company will take the responsibility for their loss or damage.  

  • Gasoline in your vehicle

Every shipping company will insist that you must have at least 25% gasoline available in your car so that it can conveniently be picked up and delivered to your destination. 

  • Dealing with customs

Make sure that the transporting company has got their own arrangement to clear from custom authorities. You may ask the about documentation required for that.

  • Additional needs for car shipping 

Find out from the transporting company if they have any other special requirements for offering their services.

  • Shipping contracts

Before handing over your car, you have to sign contract that must be read by you before signing.