Five Reasons to Choose an Independent Car Garage

Almost everyone in this day and age use a car - for work, for leisure, or even just as a collectible. But how can you keep these cars in shape? There are so many different places to choose from, so how do you know where to go for service? Here are five reasons to choose an independent car garage in Slough over a dealership for service and repair.

Cheaper Prices

Everyone is always looking for the next big deal. Because independent car garages are privately owned, they can afford to haggle or lower their prices on specific equipment or services they offer to attract customers. You will often find that repairing with an independent garage is less than half the price of getting the same repair at a dealership.

Faster Service

Unlike car dealerships, who are usually equally focused on selling cars as they are on servicing them, independently owned car garages are focused almost exclusively on maintaining and repairing vehicles. Because of this, they are likely to work faster than dealerships that must split their time and resources between tasks. Not to mention dealerships are more widely used, spreading their resources thinner in trying to help a broader audience

Personal Connection

An independent car garage is owned and staffed by people just like your neighbour or your best friend. These people are better able to connect with you and understand your issues, frustrations, and concerns when getting a vehicle serviced. You will feel much more at home getting your service with an independently owned car garage.


You will have a much easier time locating, scheduling with, and getting to an independent car garage than you would a dealership. Some dealerships are a hundred miles apart, whereas you can find a car garage in any local town. It makes it easier to find a local car repairs garage than most dealerships.


If you have a very old, very exotic, or otherwise modified vehicle, it may be hard for you to find a dealership even willing to service it. Dealerships often only deal with the same kind of cars they sell. Independent car garages, on the other hand, can have a wide variety of experiences as well as very niche knowledge of foreign or modified vehicles.