Ford Motor Company History, Quality and Recent Recalls 


According to a report released by the Ford Motor Company about 38,000 units of 2020 Ford Mustang coupes that were fitted with automatic transmissions were under recall due to a brake pedal discrepancy. Based on the report the bracket for the brake pedal could fracture when emergency brakes are applied. This increases the risk of the vehicle not being able to stop in time and in order to overcome the issue the brake pedal bracket assembly needs to be replaced. 

Notifications to owners are expected to be sent out starting November 16, or alternatively vehicle owners could call the automaker direct at 866-436-7332 or the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236. Many are looking at this incident as the recall of the decade. There have been a series of recalls in this past decade as manufacturers have recalled automobiles for issues involving faulty airbag inflators to ignition switches right up to more complex issues involving electronic gearshifts and electronic boards which could potentially result in deadly consequences. 

Recalls occur more frequently than most vehicle owners realise, but most are detected quite early and the vehicles are rerouted to manufacturing floors before they hit showrooms. This begs the question as to why this keeps happening, ‘why do auto manufacturers keep putting cars with issues into the market’. The answer to this question revolves around the multifaceted ways that vehicles are utilised and the problem is only revealed or rather made known when a vehicle is used in a manner that circumvents the standard ‘testing protocols or sequences’. 

Apart from that, safety recalls also occur when manufacturers have been found to have violated specific safety standards which in general are a lengthy set of requirements involving both the entire vehicle and select components or parts (even car seats are not spared). When a defect is detected which is deemed to pose “unreasonable risk to safety,” the automaker is compelled to issue a safety recall or be held liable for the risk that they have exposed their customers to which usually ends up costing the company much more in legal suits and legal costs than their profit. 

However, it is also worthy to note that not all recalls are entirely due to safety issues as some may just involve performance issues or unwarranted breakdowns. Affected vehicle owners should return their vehicles to the dealership immediately for service and not attempt repair themselves using a Ford workshop manual or a local non dealership mechanic.

Nevertheless, it is always wise to pay attention to any form of recalls as recalls are only for the betterment of your vehicle no matter how one looks at it. Be it an issue of the car seat that causes strain to the spinal cord or shoulder blades or because the brakes are not functioning optimally, if there is a recall for your vehicle batch, it is advised that you go through with it. 

Vehicle recalls are a nuisance that most who have had the experience will tell you, however it is worth it as it is your comfort, if not your life that is at stake. Vehicle owners should also know that once a recall has been issued by automakers, they are not liable for whatever mishap that happens due to the faulty components.