Detroit, Mi. People once believed the world was flat. It was not. Then there was a period of time when trains first came into being that medical experts warned the human body could not possibly withstand the physical strains of traveling at speeds of 30 miles an hour! They were wrong. And for many years, Carfax has earned hundreds of millions of dollars convincing car buyers that branded title vehicles are a terrible idea. That has also proven to not be true. And now car buyers have caught on, and the truth is spreading like wildfire!

In 1984, the year Carfax began, it may have been accurate to suggest that any car that had been in an accident and repaired, was a risky proposition. Back then, auto rebuilders were patching together old cars with whatever spare parts could be found in junkyards and dumpsters. No matter how hard one tried, a rebuilt car was never quite the same again. But that was almost 4 decades ago and the world has changed! But Carfax continues to use an outdated 35-year-old scare tactic to sell their car history reporting service. It’s sad really.

Most car buyers now simply laugh at Carfax’s out-dated, false suggestion that buying a branded title car, truck or van is somehow anything less than a fantastic idea and an amazing way to save thousands of dollars while getting a like-new vehicle!

Do you remember the shocking moment Toto pulled back the curtain to reveal the “Great Wizard Of Oz” was just a simple little man using fear to try and control people’s emotions? Yep, Carfax is the wizard and modern technology is Toto. The jig is up and I would imagine Carfax knows their days are numbered.

The year is now 2019 and computers, robotics and lasers have become the norm. The best rebuilders are able to take any damaged vehicle, regardless of it being from flood, hail, collision or theft, and using state of the art technology, return that vehicle to factory specifications; in some cases even better than that! And further proof that Carfax has lost its credibility, is the sheer number of branded title cars on the road today and the incredible rate at which they are selling.

There are now literally millions of branded title cars on American roads and that number grows by thousands every day as more and more auto dealers fill their lots with branded title cars, from minivans to Ferraris, everyone seems to want to buy branded.

With the price of new cars skyrocketing, branded title vehicles have become the fastest growing segment of the automotive industry. Evidence of this explosion in the popularity of buying branded cars is an automotive dealership based out of Woods Cross Utah called AutoSource. It was once a small little start-up which some mocked for announcing they were going to only sell branded title vehicles. That was 2003.

But today, the mocking and laughing have stopped and those critics have now turned to imitators, as dealers scramble to try and follow in the AutoSource footsteps. Today, that little start-up from Woods Cross is the largest chain of branded title dealerships in the world and they are STILL opening new locations! One reporter called them the Starbucks of the car industry and based on their steady growth and record-breaking sales year after year, I’d say that may be an accurate summary.

One thing I believe to be true- Carfax is on its way out. Gone are the days of trying to scare car buyers into running away from branded title cars. Nobody is listening Carfax. We are all out buying amazing, branded title cars and saving 25% off of retail! Go peddle your outdated fairytales somewhere else, assuming you can find anyone still dumb enough to listen.