How to Avoid Summertime Car Electrical Failures

When it is the month of summer, it is a long awaited time for those who hated to be locked up in their houses fighting the bitter cold winter.  But when it comes to keep your car in a good mood, both the extreme weathers. While the winter days might have taken a toll on the car batteries, the high temperature of summer can wreak havoc on the cooling system and hence the electrical systems of your car. But do not worry. The auto experts of the Jacksonville Chevy service center say, that all you have to do to keep the electrical systems working find, is taking care of the cooling system.

Use Antifreeze for theWater

Anti-freezing the water component of the engine doesn’t only help in preventing the water from freezing but also help the cooling system of the engine runsmoothly. The Radiator coolant which is used to keep the engine temperature under control is formulated with some lubricants and anti-corrosion agents that are meant to reduce the wear of  the system. There the antifreeze mode will increase the boiling point of the engine water and make the coolant ready to absorb more amount of heat.

Prevent the Cooling System from Leakage

A leaking cooling system is a matter of big concern for any car owner. It is a warning sign nobody should ignore. An overheated engine can lead to dangerous accidents and blow out the engine altogether. So, it is always advisable to keep a close eye on the cooling systems of your vehicle that is composed of the coolant reservoir, the water neck, the radiator, and also the heater hoses. If you find any loose fitting, tighten them up and do not hesitate to replace any part that has become rusty.

Check the Thermostat or the Radiator Cap

The thermostat of your car plays a vital role in making you alert of the engine. It is the part that indicates how hot is your engine right now. To keep your car coolant system in control, you need to have the thermostat working in its usual manner. Hence, keep a check on the thermostat as well as the radiator cap, to make sure both are working fine.

If you find any of them to be stuck,closed or open, then know that the cooling system of your vehicle won’t be able to function properly. It can cause the engine overheat if the thermostat gets stuck closed, blocking the natural flow of water to enter the chamber of the radiator.

On the other hand, if it is open, then it will keep the coolant flow constantly because of which the engine will take longer time to warm up. This can again lead to overheating of the engine as well, as the coolant will not have the requisite time to transfer the right amount of heat to the radiator.

The team of mechanics of the Chevrolet dealers near Jacksonville suggest to removethe thermostat from the engine to test it and then place it inside a pot of boiling water. Doing this If it opens, then know it is fine, but if it is stuck open or fails to open at all, then it is better to get replaced.