How You Can Smartly Choose the Best Classic Car

The vehicle you will use on the day of your marriage is more than a means of transportation. That day is transformed into one more piece of decoration and ambience that you want to achieve in the aesthetics of your wedding. However, it is still an element of transport and therefore, you have to consider more than the aesthetic / visual factor to choose the best option that will take you to the church, civil wedding and reception. From Clasiq you can have the smartest options.

  • Where will the event take place?
  • If the road does not have asphalt, a low model could generate more than one problem. It has air conditioner?
  • You would not want to get all sweaty to church in summer. Is it big enough in relation to your dress?
  • Does it match the aesthetics of the party in general?

If the aesthetics of the party is country, choosing an extremely modern model will not be what most looks in the photos. Here we will make a distinction between the modern or classic options and we list a series of elements that you should consider to make the best decision when choosing the car of your marriage.

Modern cars: all eyes are stolen

These models provide sophistication, you will feel like in a James Bond movie and surely more than one guest will want to take a picture inside. It will steal all eyes! Models like BMW, Bentley or Maseratti are the most popular options for their comfort and because they attract a lot of attention, however what today surprises with their modernity probably in a couple of years stop doing it and that is a fact that you should consider. At the same time, if your dress has a leafy and very bulky tail, perhaps a very sporty model is not the most comfortable option. It is about finding a balance between aesthetics and comfort.

The classic never goes out of style

Also known as "vintage cars", the classics are renowned for their style and sophistication. Unlike the previous option, it is a timeless model, since they are classic and always look good, even if you see the pictures many years later. If the theme of the party is rustic, romantic or in contact with nature but very chic, this option is undoubtedly the best. However, you must ensure that the model is in optimal condition and see if it has basic accommodations, such as air conditioning in the summer. If your question is where to find this type of old vehicles, in Lasso Autos, Events have different classic options for leasing such as the Chevrolet MonteCarlo 1971, Ford Super Deluxe 1946, Chevrolet Impala Convertible, Austin Mini 1981 and Roadster BMW Z3.

From the Supplier

The supplier that you choose for the hiring of your car will also be of great help in choosing the ornamentation and decorations that the vehicle will carry. If you are undecided and do not know which model to choose, in Arrived the bride has a varied fleet of options with classic, modern and convertible cars, in addition to expert advisors who will help you choose a custom made car. What they talk together will always lead them to choose the best decision so that together they can choose the model they will wear.