Preparing for a CBT test pt 1

Preparing for a CBT test the first step in becoming part of a unique world, a world of the two-wheelers.

While the safety gear that is available today is much more expensive but much more evolved and secure than that of Yesteryears we should consider more than just our riding abilities and safety gear to protect us, as its the other road users we have to worry about more often than not.

The Compulsory Basic Training test or exam is one that all wanna-be riders should and must complete for more than just the law's sake but to make sure you are aware of the dangers it there for us two-wheeled road users.

The CBT test usually takes a whole day to complete as it consists of five different sections that have to be passed before you can get your license to ride.

1: INTRO: this is where the whole day will get explained to you as to what it will entail, all paperwork will be completed as well as the rules of the road and why you need the CBT test will be explained. For those who do not have the proper protective gear with them, they will be provided with some to complete the full day's tests.

2: EYESIGHT CHECK: this is just to check if your eyesight is correct and if you do wear corrective eyewear that it is working properly and is the right prescription

3: ON-SITE TRAINING: this part of the test is basically for you to get to know the bike, it's controls as well as the weight and uses of every vital part. This is done in an open space where you will be taken out and showed all of the above mentioned as well as sitting on the bike to get the feel of it and the proper way of using your side stand

4: ON-ROAD TRAINING: once you've completed the on-site basic get to know the bike section in an open space you then go back to the class where you will get to learn about the rules of the road and why it is so important to learn to ride as a defensive rider, the highway codes and other legalities which can not only save you from getting fined or license revoked but can save your life as well

5: ON-ROAD RIDING: this is the most important and exciting part of the cbt test, as you get to go out on the road to put into practice and get tested on your riding skills. You will get equipped with a two-way hands-free radio kit which will link you up with the instructor and he will ride3 behind you and pass on instructions and in the end, you will get evaluated on your abilities from there.

Now that you know the basic layout for your day, book your appointment now and enjoy the open road safe and sound.