The Traditional ways of Transportation from Around the World

In a modern world where everyone prefers to use tech-inspired transportation like bullet trains, busses, metros, cabs, ubers, and careems; traditional public transportation is becoming obsolete. Every country (even in some cities) got their own unique transportation which is gradually dying because our world is moving so fast and we are losing our identity via loss of culture and traditional transport is a part of the culture.

If you’re a tourist and wants to explore the country to the fullest then you should travel in that country’s traditional public transport which will give you an insight and idea of what kind of unique culture the people of that area possess. The experience that you will acquire by traveling in the public transport is something that you can never get if you keep using the formal transportations like ubers and careems; sometimes you have to go out of your way if you truly want to experience something amazing and magical.

But at the speed with which our world is changing, we doubt that in a year or two the natives of any culture are going to completely forget about their own identity. That is why we took the liberty to write about the public transports from around the world so that you can get back to this article whenever you start to forget about tour country’s traditional public transportation.

 List of public transportation from around the world:

Every country has unique ways to travel; Like luchthavenvervoer antwerpen zaventem here are a few of those unique public transportation methods:

  1. Yellow and black cabs from New York City.
  2. The Fiaker from the Viennese.
  3. Auto rickshaws from India.
  4. The Tanga from Pakistan.
  5. Sleek taxis from Munich.
  6. The iconic and symbolic black cabs from London.
  7. The three-wheeled tuk-tuk rickshaws from Thailand.
  8. Yellow and black water taxis from New York City.
  9. Black and yellow Fiat taxis from Mumbai.
  10. The H2O taxis from Victoria (and from all over Canada).
  11. Black and yellow taxis from Pakistan.
  12. The Tricycles taxi from the Philippines.
  13. The Brousse’s taxi from Madagascar.
  14. Royal black and yellow Mercedes cabs from Barcelona.
  15. The Sanlunche cycle taxi from China.
  16. The water taxis from Sydney.
  17. The impeccably royal taxicabs from Tokyo.
  18. The convertible cabs from Capri.
  19. The bicitaxi from Mexico City.
  20. The bike taxis from Paris.
  21. The Red taxi from Hong Kong.
  22. The Horse drawn buggies from Spetses Island.
  23. The Becak from Indonasia.
  24. The Remorque from Combodia.
  25. The Cyclos from Vietnamese.

These taxis have been an important part of the identity of the specific countries for many years and it is a shame that now because of our modernization we are losing the beauty that once defined our country for the colorless and boring things which mean nothing to us emotionally. These vehicles used to make our countries and cities look bright, lively and colorful but sadly they are being outdated now.