Things to Know when buying a second-handed motorcycle

So, you want to buy a bike?? Pre-owned you suggest! Well, surely it will save you some money! So, start checking out the deals and offers online to find the most suitable option for you. Now, what is the next step? Well, one by one, you check out the deals and find out which one is good for you. Well, buying a second hand bike may be a tedious job. It needs some knowledge, little research and help with loads of info. Here is a checklist to help you get a good deal:

Some research is important

Keep your intuition, gut feeling locked when buying a pre-owned bike. You don’t need this. What you actually need is to do some fact finding about the bike model you want to purchase. What kind of repute does the model have? What are its major pros and cons. Make sure you know all the details of the motorcycle before you plan to purchase it.

Check the bike thoroughly

You should do two checks. A comprehensive cosmetic observation will help you look for inconsistencies, dents, scratches, cracks etc. Once you have visually checked the bike, you can thoroughly examine it. It is suggested to get a bike savvy friend with you when evaluating your bike. Carry a flashlight to look leakage fluids, rust and conditions of the cracks, sprocket and chain. Look out for the symmetry to find out if the bike has even been crashed. Check out the depreciation of the tire.

Start the bike

It is very important to cold start a bike to get an idea about its condition. See if there are any unusual noise coming. Check for the level, light, indicator as well as horn. See, how much smoke is coming out from the exhaust.

See the VIN

The vehicle identification number of the engine and frame should be same. Make sure you call the manufacturer to cross check it. They will tell you if the car is stolen or not.

Look out for the maintenance records

Ask the seller to share the maintenance record of the bike. This will tell how you frequently the bike has been serviced.


Once you find the bike suitable for you, now you should bring the asking rate down. Do not hesitate in bargaining. Once you are okay with the offer price, you can easily sign the paperwork and carry the bike with you.

When you buy second-handed motorcycle [รับ ซื้อ มอ ไซค์ มือ สอง, which is the term in Thai], you have to be extra cautious. Right from the condition of the motorcycle to the paperwork involved, everything should be on mark. Do not worry if one deal doesn’t crack, there are hundred thousand of second hand motorcycle deals available online. Choose a reliable and reputed store to buy second hand bikes so that you don’t get scammed or duped. With a genuine seller by your side, you will never get a stolen bike or malfunctioning motorcycle to your name. So, be cautious!