Truest Opportunities for the Best Car Repair Details

Here are the tips and recommendations for the repair and maintenance of components and assemblies of domestic and foreign cars. Repair of car parts and types of repairs. There is assessment of the quality of repair and signs of poor quality work. What you need to know and be able to do car repair with your own hands.

Articles for those who prefer small and medium repairs do it yourself. Moreover, it is not always worth relying on garages. The quality of auto repair in some leaves much to be desired.


Features of repair of automobile engines

Auto engine is a complex mechanism, which is considered the heart of an iron horse. How it functions depends on how the trip goes. Driving with a faulty engine is dangerous. Motor vehicle needs regular diagnostics and maintenance from specialists. If experts identify problems, it will require repair and adjustment of individual engine components.

How to grease the battery terminals so that they do not oxidize

Lubrication of battery terminals

As is known, the elements and parts of the battery operate in an aggressive chemical environment. Therefore, for a motorist, the question of how to lubricate the battery terminals so that they do not oxidize always remains relevant.

How to handle the bottom of the car from corrosion do it yourself

The appearance of rust at the bottom of the machine often leads to the appearance of holes, which reduce the strength characteristics and contribute to the formation of deflections, distortions. Such deformation will negatively affect the condition of the chassis and suspension, disrupt the operation of the convergence and camber systems, shock absorbers or springs. Therefore, the treatment of the bottom of the car from corrosion with their own hands should be carried out in a timely manner.

Why do the headlights sweat from inside

Condensate inside the headlight or rear light of a car is a common, but far from harmless phenomenon. Such a situation can directly have a negative impact on traffic safety, since water, where it should not be, disrupts the work of lighting devices. Therefore, each driver needs to know what to do if the headlights are sweating from the inside, and what are the causes of this unpleasant phenomenon.


In life, many were in a situation where a cap comes off from a bolt stuck in a thread. Therefore, it is important to know how to unscrew the broken part from the surface.

Ways to deal with corrosion of the body: the top 3

Car corrosion is an unpleasant problem for a car owner. If you do not take the necessary measures to remove rust in a timely manner, there is a risk of complete destruction of the hull. The machine, which is contained in conditions of high humidity, is most exposed to the first signs of body oxidation.

To eliminate the formation, there are several ways, but first of all, the appeared foci of corrosion should be cleaned to a smooth surface so that future processing would have a lasting effect and prevent the growth of the hearth.

Signs of malfunction DMRV in the car VAZ 2110

The mass air flow sensor is an electronic device that determines the amount of air entering the engine cylinders. Depending on its readings, the control unit forms the composition of the fuel the air mixture supplied to the injector nozzles. Signs of malfunction DMRV in the VAZ 2110 (8 valves) will allow to timely detect and fix the problem.