What is Nissan NISMO Performance

If you are smitten with the ultimate Nissan performance, you could have heard about the NISMO that is considered as the embodiment of the inspiration that Nissan emulates in all its models. But the most surprising fact about the NISMO is that, it takes all its inspiration again from the car racing track.

The Nissan group of engineers in collaboration with the test drivers worked hard and driven to the optimum number of times after each new technology implementation to build up each of those  mind-blowing Nissan vehicles. They have created on the tune of NISMO and hence the cars that we see from Nissan are able to offer a unique and equally thrilling driving experience. NISMO can best be called as a concept of Nissan Motorsport, that cannot deprive you of any expectations you have built on this brand so far.

The Journey from Racetrack to the Roadways

Take the example of any Nissan family member, like that of the Nissan Gilroy dealership, and you’ll get to see the pride in their eyes about the Nissan design that leads the industry of automobiles in many ways. Coming to performance, any recent Nissan car driver will agree that driving a NISMO vehicle is a treasure to every driving enthusiast. NISMO has achieved this unanimous respect from all over the world because of its range of enhanced aerodynamics strategies like competitive suspensions to race-inspired cockpits that enable a track-inspired robust performance that in spite of being a road car every occupant can feel at home and that can be used as a daily commute.

Alchemy of Aerodynamic Functionality

Any Nissan vehicle that is based on NISMO will look the way it is because of the focus that is cast on pure functionality. Each NISMO vehicle exhibits a painstaking design that is given a shape to have a massive downforce in order to help the vehicle hold itself down on the road. The NISMO design will essentially be composite of a rear diffuser and spoiler, with side sills reducing the drag while the vehicle simply gets to slice through the air. But the magic lies, that by doing so, the alchemy of aerodynamic functionality also produces a design that is a pleasure for the eyes to look at.

Race-Proven Engineering

Step on the throttle and feel how race-proven engineering makes every trip through the gears memorable, with quick response, strong low-end torque, a wide powerband, and the unique growl of the exhaust note.

 The  GT-R NISMO Engine

NISMO uses a GT-R Engine that makes handling every corner easier than ever on every occasion. A drive with this engine will make you feel being connected intimately to the road. This feeling is carried to you through the wheel, the pedals and the driver seats. Then there are those competition-tuned suspensions that are equipped with enhanced feature like the body dampers, stiffer springs and chassis reinforcements to achieve the desirably precise handling. The NISMO engine is known for its quick response to the command inputs as quick as reading the driver’s mind. Thanks however goes to the bonding of the GT-R Body and Bilstein Damp-Tronic Suspension, say the experts who serve at the Gilroy Nissan dealership.