Which Mazda 2020 Cars You Should Check Out?

In 2020, owning a Mazda vehicle is one of the bestinvestments you can choose to purchase. There are numerous cars from this brand which is viable enough for people to use. Hence, this article simply takes one from each of the category and provides details that would want to make you visit Henderson area Mazda dealers and book one for yourself.

  • Sports car from Mazda

Though a variety of models are available, the one which will be discussed here is the MX5 Miata RF. It comes with 2.0L SkyActiv-G engine that produces 181 horsepower and has a torque of 151 lb-ft. it has a fuel economy of 26mpg on city and 34mpg on highway if it has manual transmission. Opting for the automatic transmission will offer same when driving in city but offers 35mpg on highway.

The base model will cost around $32,345 and goes up if one tries higher end variants of this car. Safety features include airbags for side impact and dual for front ones. Also, it has side impact door beams, monitoring blind spot, rearview camera, TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), engine immobilizer, alert for rear crossing pedestrian, seat belt with three points for utmost safety, etc.

These are some the features which one can enjoy when driving the Miata M5 RX. Test it yourself and enjoy the joy of riding in it from Mazda dealer near Henderson.

  • Crossovers and SUVs

CX 3 from Mazda is quite the car if anyone is looking for an excellent vehicle under crossover and SUV category. It comes equipped with four-cylinder SkyActiv G engine that offers 148 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. Also, it has a torque of 146 lb-ft at 2,800 rpm. The FWD with automatic transmission offers 29 mpg when driving in city and 34 mpg on highway, while the AWD drivetrain with automatic transmission offers 27 mpg in city and 32 on Highway.

The FWD has a fuel capacity of 12.7 gallons and AWD hold around 11.9 gallons, both of which are more than enough for a long drive before one needs to refuel the vehicle. Like all other Mazda vehicles, this one too has ample safety features incorporated in it to ensure safety of passengers and drivers like forward collision alert, TPMS, smart braking system, etc. Its price starts from $20,640.

  • Sedans from Mazda

One of the best sedans from this brand is Mazda 3. It is available in both drivetrains AWD and FWD and has four different variants for people to choose. It comes equipped with SkyActive-G engine which offers an output of 186 horsepower along with 186 lb-ft of torque. Also, it comes equipped with automatic 6-speed transmission that is ideal for all.

It provides a mileage of 26 mpg when driven in city and 35 mpg on highway. Though the base model costs around $21,500, the highest end models go above $25,000 at least.

These are three cars to check out from each category if one is looking to buy a Mazda. Hence, why wait? Try checking these out today and choose the one which suits you most!