Why Chose a Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring?

Are you trying to buy a car?

You should definitely have a look at Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring. It is considered to be one of the best cars currently on the market at a reasonable price. A person might ask as to what is so special about this car? Well, to know the answer one should go through the facts below and then visit the Scottsdale Mazda showroom for a better insight. Let’s go through the details of this care now!


This vehicle is designed to make one feel complete when sitting inside and driving it. While sitting, one can easily achieve nearly 50-50 weight distribution of front to rear. This makes it possible for an individual to have an ideal balance that results in high performance and optimal handling.

Also, the engine used here is the improved version of MX-5 Legacy which is SKYACTIV G 2.0L. This 2019 Miata model is boosted significantly that offers an additional horsepower of 26. It means that this car has now 181 HP rather than 155 along with rpm redline of 7,500. Though the engine is highly powerful for the new version, this is still quite lightweight as the curb weight is 2,339. Lastly, it has a mpg of 35 when driving on a highway.


This is considered by many to be one of the best looking cars in this price range. Since the first thing a person notices the looks of a car; the soft top comes with two color choices. One can definitely select classic black or can opt for the new brown so that people can appreciate an owner’s style when he/she decides to drive with the top up.

The interior comes with a stylish and eloquent design which suits this care massively. From advanced technology to modern infotainment, to make this a vehicle that offers a great driving experience to all.

Choice of building

This is one of the best aspects of buying this vehicle. If one visits the Scottsdale Mazda dealership, then he/she will be able to build his/her car in any way one wants. For instance, in the beginning, after choosing a model, one can opt for either a manual or auto transmission. Similarly, then can go on to select colors, packages and accessories according to their need. When choosing the color, one will have an option of six colors such as red, blue, white, black, grey and ceramic.

The accessories contains interior lighting kit, all weather floor mats, wheel locks, trim plates for doorsill, rear spoiler, appearance package, etc. All one needs is to choose things he/she thinks is required by them.


The Grand Touring starts at a price of $30,780 which might exceed if one requires additional accessories and other materials. For example, the white color body of this car will cost one an extra $200.

These are some of the reasons as to why people opt for Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring. Take a test drive and you will know why this is preferred by numerous people over other cars.